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Level 2 Coach accredited with the Angling Trust. DBS certified, Safeguarding & First Aid qualified. Member of the Angling Trust & the Professional Angling Association


Bespoke professional coaching, specilaising in general course & match angling, tailored to your requirements


5 years coaching young people, adults and people with disabilities. Lead coach with local club.

Coaching in the Suffolk & Essex areas.

My Angling CV

It all started back at the tender age of 10 when my elder brother bought me a fishing kit from a catalogue. A solid fibre glass 9ft rod with a Black Prince reel, 4lb line and a couple of floats. He took me down to the local pond where i caught my first fish, a roach of 2oz. From there I was hooked.

I continued fishing with my brother, who had joined a local club and had started fishing their matches. I ran the bank for him checking on the other competitors and passing back information. With more and more equipment handed down from my brother and money from my paper round, at 13 yrs old I started competing in the same matches.

My first match win came at 14 when I was pegged next to the club champion on our annual away day coach trip to Norfolk when trailing behind him for 3 hours I started to catch skimmer bream and in the last hour he came and sat behind me encouraging and hinting to me on how best to catch.

I carried on fishing those club matches for many years picking up one or two trophies on the way. From there I started fishing for the club team and took part in the local interclub league where I ended up captaining the side for a few years. From there I joined a local match group called Image Essex Floats who fished the then Drennan Superleague. It was here where I was introduced to the Grand Union canal among other places and fishing against the likes of Dickie Carr, Bob Nudd & Mark Pollard. Very competitive fishing, scary at times, but a great learning experience.

After that I took a break from angling for a few years as my wife and children took priority.

It wasn't until the children had grown up that I dusted off the rods again and started a bit of pleasure fishing. This all changed in 2012 when inspired by the paralympics I decided that I wanted to put something back into the sport that I had enjoyed for so many years. That is where my coaching started.

I found a charity in Suffolk called Suffolk Disabled Angling Forum (SDAF), sadly now disbanded, who arranged fishing sessions for disabled people, I made contact and started to volunteer at some of their sessions. The lake they used was controlled by a local fishing club: Gipping Valley Angling Club (GVAC). At the same time my wife had met someone through her job at the time, and had mentioned my interest in angling coaching. This gentlemen mentioned GVAC as a club who had for many years been coaching junior anglers. I spoke to the chairman of the club and that same year I started to help as a volunteer at some of their sessions.

2013 saw me taking & passing my level 1 coaching qualification while still volunteering with both SDAF & GVAC. At the end of 2014 I was asked by GVAC whether I would be interested in taking on the Lead Coach role for the club.

2015 was a real turning point, I passed my level 2 coaching qualification, started my Lead Coach role for GVAC and had also accepted the position of vice-chairman for SDAF. Not only was I running coaching sessions with both of these organisations, together with other coaches, I had also joined the Professional Anglers Association (PAA) and had started some coaching work with PAA Coaches in Essex.

This brings us up to the present day where I am still involved with my local club and local commercial water Suffolk Water Park, as well as taking on private clients, gaining more & more coaching experience every time I coach, striving to improve my coaching and bring happy memories and new knowledge to eveyone I coach.